Learn to set yourself free from physical and emotional pain and step into your life

Based on your unique needs we work out a roadmap together and I will coach you through awareness, release and removal of roadblocks to a place of deep connection and trust within yourself …

In order to support your goals I combine my analytical and research background with my intuition, skills, experience, and knowledge gained by studying in-depth multiple (and continuously expanding) holistic healing modalities:

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and effective healing tool. It allows you to access and change subconscious mental programming to create rapid, positive and permanent changes in your life. The ability to reduce emotional and physical pain levels impacts directly your sense of well-being, your relationships, your professional and personal development.

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy is one of the most relaxing, and effective ways of achieving lasting changes to subconscious beliefs, behaviours and emotional habits and patterns that do not serve you any more, besides allowing you to explore hidden root-causes of dis-comfort and dis-ease and the ability to release them.

We can’t solve a problem with the same mindset and energy which created it. Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy will allow you to tap into subconscious thoughts and beliefs that may have been driving the bus of your life without you even being consciously aware of it  … Changing the driver will change your experience of life!

Whenever possible ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’

I apply holistic nutrition consulting in combination with other healing modalities and in support of your goals and overall healing journey. On the basis of your health history, your lifestyle and goals we work out a customized protocol. Including personalized nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

One of my teachers used to say “You are what you eat AND what you digest” … not only digesting our food, but also our thoughts, past trauma, life events, relationships …

Our gut … it is where our digestion takes place AND it’s also the place where our ‘gut feelings’ reside … this is not just an expression as more and more research points to the gut as our primary emotional brain, with e.g our gut bacteria producing about 80% of our serotonin! We are not the sum of parts but whole … everything impacts our being … Our foods impact our emotions and well-being and vice versa our emotions impact our digestion … What part of your life feels indigestible or could use better digestion?

If an engine doesn’t get the fuel it needs for combustion, your car will require repairs. Equally so poor digestion prevents the nutrients from getting where they need to be … your body is a wondrous, intelligent and sensitive machine that will balance in most cases when it gets the nutrients it needs …

Besides helping you learn to listen to your body and discover which foods may be sabotaging your recovery and which may be supportive:

  • I help you implement nutritional changes that last – Make choices FOR YOU and eliminate inflammatory foods … and I teach you the ability to make this difference …

  • I coach you through lifestyle interventions that directly impact the functioning of your digestive tract …

  • I coach you to take your health into your own hands and heart!

My coaching and counselling expertise is rooted in NLP training, mindfulness training, and transpersonal psychology combined with my past experience in the corporate world. This expertise combined with my ability to connect from heart-to-heart allows a safe space for you to explore deeper root-causes and co-factors of your pain. We develop a customized plan and then fully commit to your transformational journey deeply honouring the time, energy and resources you invest into YOU! I am walking this leg of your life’s journey with you as you start building confidence and reclaim your power and life.

Learning to tap into your own innate healing capacity by resolving limiting (mostly unconscious) beliefs and moving through awareness and healing of roadblocks that keep you stuck requires specific expertise and there is no shame in asking for help. There is no need for you to walk your healing journey alone.

Looking at dis-ease or dis-comfort through an energy medicine lens, I look at a human being as a whole. All of our experiences leave traces in our body, through neurological and chemical pathways, memories, changes in energy flow. Recently, greater awareness of the energy centres is brought to the western world by the popularity of yoga and meditation. It provides a powerful gateway in our work together in supporting you to develop curiosity and dive deep in exploring and healing underlying imbalances. Symptoms become an invitation to transformation and expansion to your whole potential as a human being.

Please note that my services are not a replacement or substitute for medical treatments or medications.

Ina Backbier

When we are used to hide inside of our heads, we might miss the gentle whisper of guidance speaking through our body beckoning us to move towards alignment, well-being and joy.

Get access to Your Body Awareness Meditation as my gift to You.



An invitation to be curious and opening your heart to the wisdom that your soul is sharing with you through your body.