Our Drive to “Move Forward” Can Become a Crutch On Our Journey of Life.


Healing is not a straight line.

Most people know this, but many don’t realize that the goal isn’t about meeting life “from a healed or enlightened place” with an engraved smile on our face and a never-ending positive outlook.

Life is messy.

The power of NOW does not relate to one state of being or seeing reality in one particular way.

Personally, I see mindfulness more as being aware of the flow of life and surfing these waves that never cease to shift and move.

I often see clients, especially with type A personalities, approach healing and personal development work with the same relentless determination as they approach work.

In healing marathon mode. Without rest or respite.

This used to be me until a health crisis brought me to my knees about a decade ago and taught me that life is about ebbs and flow.

It is about #becoming.

Our body and nervous system need time and space to calibrate and integrate. To listen deeply.

This is why I believe mindset work is important but not the whole story.

Often, I notice in my work with clients that a phase of ebb in life, a place of rest, is experienced as being ‘stuck’, as if ‘moving forward’ is the holy grail.

Notice where your thoughts go as the conditioned drive to be a ‘human-doing’ (which can apply to personal development as well!) without considering the nervous system’s or our body’s needs may become a crutch holding you back in this marathon of life.

Rest, integration, and reflection are essential
for your productivity and your wellbeing.

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