Filling your Heart with Abundance


Very often in the evening, both my kids climb in bed with me, and we snuggle as we watch the stars, nice and cozy under the warm blankets.

We reflect on the day and life, and we wonder about the stars. Lately, we noticed a bright and twinkling star in the sky, perhaps Sirius?

In the morning, I get up and put my clothes of the day on the radiator to warm up while I am making breakfast, so they are comfy and fill me up with warmth as I dress up for the day.

THIS is my version of abundance.

Embodied abundance.

It has nothing to do with $$ in a bank account, it isn’t shiny or fancy, it has nothing to do with what I wear or do.

Being able to prioritize these moments of connection with my children, remember how much I love putting on warm clothes, as well as experiencing this simple pleasure (next to putting on PJs fresh from the tumble dryer – I can’t be the only one loving this??) fill my heart up to the brim.

This is what abundance means to me.

Being surrounded by beauty isn’t enough.

Learning how to receive and experience is key to your well-being.

I’d love to hear what is your version of embodied abundance!

The picture on the left was our view from the window this morning …

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