Moving Into Coherence with the Quick Coherence Technique


The holiday season:

A time of love, joy, creating sweet family memories.

I deeply wish this for you,

AND it’s very HUMAN to not feel merry just because it’s Christmas.

For many, this season goes accompanied by hugely elevated stress levels, expectations, fears around finances, emotional tensions with our nearest and dearest, feeling strained by the resurgence of old hurts that we thought we had swept under the carpet …

Even when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, or worried, simple techniques can help your body to move into coherence.

This means that your body, brain, and hormonal system work better together 

→ you feel better, and you perform better.

I like to share with you a powerful and yet amazingly simple technique developed by the HeartMath Institute:

The Quick Coherence Technique.

30 years of research by the HeartMath Institute has shown that the practice of activating positive heart qualities facilitates a shift in the body to a state of psychophysiological coherence.

In this state, our physiological systems function more efficiently, but also, we experience greater emotional stability and confidence, increased mental clarity, resilience, and cognitive function.

In this short video (URL: Https:// the HeartMath Institute shares fascinating research discoveries related to the dynamics between heart and brain and the importance of coherence, empowering you to take your own well-being and health into your own hands and heart.

Find here a link to a 2-minute tutorial by HeartMath Institute teaching the Quick Coherence Technique (URL:

And the beauty of it: 

You don’t have to wait until you happen to feel good; you can choose to create heart-brain coherence yourself, anytime you desire.