Stop Holding Your Breathe … Inhale … Exhale


Uncertainty and the Unknown are our companions for life.

They can’t be solved, fixed, worked away or scrolled away.

It is Friday … Observe the thoughts in your mind:

to-do-list, anticipations, expectations …

Notice in your body

Any pressure, tension, stress …

As a result of these thoughts.

Allow yourself a deep breath and release yourself from the need to get everything done

before you rest, relax and savour life this weekend.

We all have no idea what will come next in life

But we do have a say in who we are and how we show up

in every moment

in every choice

every day.

In our quest to solve and fix everything, we often forget that uncertainty and the unknown are our companions for life and starve ourselves and our loved ones from Life …

So, stop holding your breath,

Relax your jaws,

And nourish yourself with deep love, deep laughter and deep breathing 😉