Shift from pursuing pain avoidance to opening your heart

allowing ease, joy, aliveness and love to enter.

Shift from pursuing pain avoidance to opening your heart

allowing ease, joy, aliveness and love to enter.

Ina Backbier

Does your life, or parts of it, feel like crumbling or downright falling apart?

Do you feel trapped on a never-ending roller coaster without any energy left to do the stuff you used to love?

Sick and tired of looping in negative self-talk, stuffing your feelings, scrolling them away on social media, shopping or eating them away?

Perhaps health symptoms or chronic pain started creeping up on you?

Notice your body, and if it feels OK for you, exhale …

you are in the right place

Hi, I am Ina Backbier.

I help clients reconnect their minds with their bodies and remember the blueprint for well-being inherent in our essence.

In a safe and sacred space, through skilful awareness-based somatic inquiry in combination with other modalities,

we connect the dots,

you learn to appreciate all of who you are,

bring into consciousness adaptive survival responses and mechanisms that were once adopted to survive but have become a source of suffering and

release those mechanisms and the repressed energy underneath into awareness. 

As you unlearn who you are not, you will discover who you are and reclaim agency of the story of your life. 

All my studies and my own life journey have taught me that our body remembers and holds all the answers. 

My health crashing about 13 years ago while working in a senior project management role in an international organization became the catalyst for my healing, giving birth to a new life and career.

My journey taught me that some of the same factors contributing to a successful career also played a significant role in the manifestation of the health crisis and following chronic pain as they were rooted in repression, trauma, and a dysregulated nervous system.

** Unresolved issues get stuck in your tissues. **

“I reached out to Ina about half a year ago when my life was in turmoil after my marriage of 15 years broke down, and I found myself stuck in a dark place. My usually positive outlook on life suddenly seemed to be crushed by the weight of everything that happened to me. Ina’s services came highly recommended, and now I understand why: her ability to help me shift my subconscious mind, release trauma safely (big and small), and help me truly feel (vs. bury) my emotions is absolutely transformative. She is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and focused on helping me achieve my goals during every customized session. Her interventions are very powerful and I listen to the recordings every morning as they help maximize the impact of the work we are doing together. In essence, she has helped me peel back the layers of emotions and limiting beliefs that I acquired throughout my life without knowing it to define who I really am and desire to be (versus who I think I should be and who society taught me to be). Life can be very hard at times, but now I know that the only way out is the way through. I would highly recommend Ina to anyone who is looking to live their best lives so they can thrive. That’s what she has done for me.”

-Anna L, CEO, Public Speaker 

How would liberation look & feel uniquely for you?

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Our work together is about inviting you to come home to YOU, creating a life on your terms.

Somatic coherence is about

Bringing mind and body in alignment

Experiencing deeply how our ‘external’ life mirrors our ‘internal’ experience of life.

Skilful somatic inquiry brings into consciousness layers of conditioning & maladaptive survival responses.

Increasing trust in our body and our capacity to feel what has been repressed and suppressed

Un-conditioning and revealing repression mechanisms and feeling what up to now has been unfelt

Learning & rewiring neural pathways, reclaiming inner safety and resilience

To come home to your body, to befriend your body, to trust your body

And align your mind’s plans with your body’s needs and desires

What is it that your heart wants for you?

Who would you be if you were to step into full ALIVENESS?

“I reached out to Ina when I was at what I would call the lowest point in my life; I recently learnt that this is called the Dark Night of the Soul. I came to realize that I suffered decades of chronic spiritual pain and trauma. At the point I called Ina, everything was going wrong in my life and in crisis. I wasn’t just feeling low; it was way worse – I felt completely raw like my nerves were electrified; it felt awful, and I didn’t know what to do. It became so bad that I developed physical symptoms. Every aspect of my life was a mess. I worked with Ina for six months, and it was one of the most helpful experiences that I have had in my life. The healing, the understanding, and the change were not instantaneous, and I don’t think It should be since it has likely been there for decades. Ina taught me lots of tools to calm my nervous system, handle triggers, and feel better. But most importantly, Ina helped me dig deep to see my deepest pains and see how they were running my life. I was able to release and let go completely of some of the pains – that was awesome. Others are so deep that it is still daily and weekly work-in-progress to manage but recognizing them is huge and has been a game-changer in my life. Since unpacking these lifelong spiritual pains with Ina, I feel like I can finally be myself and start living. Life isn’t perfect, and it’s still hard with its ups and downs, but at least I have put in place some daily and weekly practices that allow me to feel happiness and contentment, and the amazing thing now is those childhood pains don’t run my life. I don’t have to feel bad because of what I think others want or think anymore because I know that I am amazing and whatever I can do in a day is just right. Thank you, Ina.”

-Mona L, MD

Avoidance leads to only one thing: a void.

If your desire to live in sync with your heart and fully express who you are
is outshining the need to reduce and avoid pain, you’re in the right place …

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What if … crisis, besides often excruciatingly painful (perhaps even leading you in an abys of desperation), is really a rite of passage? 

What if … you can allow your inspired desires to be your guiding light, not your ‘shoulds’, your coping strategies or your to-do list? [hint: These are likely contributing to keeping you stuck and feeling disconnected]

What if … the sole purpose of the darkness of the Dark Night of the Soul is to allow you to find and align with your very own North Star?

You may not feel this to be true yet; it may even feel impossible. 

I am here holding up a brightly shining beacon of light for you to tap into a deep place of faith, knowing that one day “impossible” will become “I-am-possible”. 

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” – Brené Brown

Besides learning how to listen to your body when it whispers
so you don’t need to wait until you hear it scream, you will …

Learn powerful ways to deactivate your inner stress response and non-invasive strategies to manage and reduce pain.

Decode underlying psycho-spiritual root causes contributing to your symptoms and what the crisis is telling you.

Reveal, release and heal layers of conditioning, sabotaging inner narrative, limiting beliefs, emotions and stress built up and stuck in your body.

Find a sacred space where you can risk opening your heart.

Learn to tap into a state of inner ease that creates a connection to your body’s wisdom and heart’s intuition.

Hardwire beliefs and skills that feel supportive and nourish your body, mind and soul: beyond coping … our goal is to move from surviving to thriving!

“I contacted Ina as I wanted to foster healthy relationships with others with better boundaries. I was tired of falling into the same patterns, and I wanted to explore the healing I could do to create healthy intimate relationships in my life.

Working with Ina, I learned to cultivate a healthier relationship with myself. This was one of the first light bulb moments, and there were so many more a-ha moments during our time together. I really started to understand the importance of showing up for myself, my feelings, needs and desires. I continue to make myself a priority, even if it creates some discomfort for myself and others.

Through hypnosis, we revealed some past trauma in a way that felt safe. This work was so powerful as it opened my eyes to my triggers and coping mechanisms that were no longer serving me.

Ina introduced me to so many great tools that I continue to use to bring me back to the present moment and help me work through my feelings instead of burying them in solutions.

With Ina’s help and a lot of self-compassion and curiosity, I feel so much better equipped to manifest the life I now know I am worthy of.

-Kelly O; Consultant, Early Childhood Education and Care 

Life is not fully lived, until you have freed your heart from hiding.

I like to book a call

Survival strategies that we once adopted in life often become habituated, especially if successful, but also may lead us to co-create a life around pain avoidance. This happens subconsciously.

A life of self-protection,

A life where asking for help may feel like a struggle

A life of chasing safety, validation, or acknowledgment.

A life where a state of “being” or “receiving” may trigger shame or guilt

I gently guide you in slowly turning the switch from pursuing pain avoidance to opening your heart, allowing ease, joy and aliveness and love to enter.

Everything I need to become the woman I’m meant to be next is inside my feelings of now. Life is alchemy, and emotions are the fire that turns me to gold. I will continue to become only if I resist extinguishing myself a million times a day. If I can sit in the fire of my own feelings, I will keep becoming.

– Glennon Doyle, ‘Untamed’

Ina Backbier

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