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Ina Backbier
Ina Backbier
Ina Backbier

Ina Backbier | Transformational Coach

If you are struggling with chronic pain or overwhelm and you desire to break free from what feels like a life-sentence on life’s roller coaster … to find relief and answersbreathe … you’re in the right place!

I help clients like you navigate and release underlying root causes and get to a place of feeling ALIVE AND JOY by teaching you actionable steps on how to tap into your body’s innate capacity to heal and to get back in charge of your life.

You might have been doing a lot of “right” things for your health, and you have found some relief for a short time but nothing sustainable, you are aware of a lot of contributing elements. I can help you integrate all and connect them with you.

Unresolved issues get stuck in your tissues …

What is life asking you to look at? What is your body telling you that is not working in your life?

Are you ready to explore root causes of pain and overwhelm and learn actionable strategies to take charge of your life?

YES, I am ready! #mindshift

Besides coaching you to listen to your body when it whispers so you don’t have to hear it scream, you will …

Learn non-invasive ways to manage and reduce your pain allowing you to focus on healing contributing psycho-spiritual roots.

Become aware of contributing underlying root causes and what the pain is telling you.

Know how to nourish your body, mind and soul … not only to reduce symptoms … our goal is to move from surviving … to thriving!

Explore and shine a light on potential unconscious limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your health and well-being.

Transform limiting beliefs into core nourishing beliefs that support you.

Now … I invite YOU to listen to your Soul’s call for healing … and step in


Ina Backbier

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An invitation to be curious and opening your heart to the wisdom that your soul is sharing with you through your body.