Ina Backbier

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An invitation to be curious and opening your heart to the wisdom that your soul is sharing with you through your body.

I have been experiencing a lot of stress lately but Ina’s soothing meditation allowed me to relax and slowdown to tune into my body and my core needs. It allowed me to be present and connect within instead of being reactive from the stresses of live.

This meditation was empowering and gives a glimpse into our inner resources and wisdom of our body. It’s perfect for my morning or bedtime routine or any time I need to find balance through my day.

Katerina Papadopoulos, Health & Wellness Educator, Transformation Consultant, Marketing & Project Coordinator

Thank you so much for the somatic meditation. I came to it at a time when my body was in need of a “rest to rejuvenate” moment; midday, after working in the heat, feeling the exhaustion of cognitive work. I appreciated how you went from general comments about presence, mindfulness and acceptance to bringing our focus and attention to specific areas of the body. After the meditation, I feel calm, centered and grounded. Your voice conveys authenticity and kindness and is a gentle and loving guide.

Monica Paraghamian, Project Manager at YES! 4 Humanity (, Change Maker, Co-Creator

Inspired leadership without sacrificing your emotional and physical well-being!

Learning a Toolbox for Thriving and How to Use Those Tools is Key to Unlocking Your Door to Joy!

“After getting deeply frustrated feeling stuck in life, Ina helped me to release old pain and take steps into a life that I couldn’t even imagine before starting to work with her. From health, nutrition to psycho-spiritual well-being Ina supported me and guided me. I am finally able to feel happy.

I can’t believe that I even busted myself last week wanting to dance and sing to music! I am also excited about going out into the dating world.” 

Before working with Ina, though very successful in my work, I struggled in intimate relationships and had to learn healthy boundaries. Anxiety showed up often as painful, clenched jaws and constant digestive problems. Since working with Ina I experienced incredible change and peace of mind and the confidence to be myself. 

I am so grateful for Ina creating a safe space to work through my fears and come to a place of inner peace and joy in my life. 

The Joy That  Some of My Clients Shared