❂ Happy 22 / 02 / 2022 ❂


One of the main things I really learned at a much deeper level in the last two years is that where my attention goes determines where my energy and frequency will flow.

A day has 1440 minutes (I may tell my kids too often, hence I remember by heart 😂), we can choose where we focus our attention and energy.

Does anyone know anything about numerology?

I don’t, it is part of my long list of things on the “curiosity pile”, things to explore once my children are older and moving out … in a decade, or so 🙂

However, what I do know is that I am response-able for the meaning I give to my life and my experiences.

Especially in a world that appears to be in a state of chaos, I like to look for meaning in any sparkle of light, any encounter, and any message that lights up my heart.

So, for the sake of experimenting:

Assume numbers carry meaning and 22 / 02 / 2022 has a message for us human beings.

What could this message be?

Here are some messages that bubbled up as I wrote this post and reflected on yesterday’s sessions with clients. Perhaps some or more resonate:

❃ You are resilient. Now it is time to live from your heart.
❃ You are in complete resonance with your soul and your soul’s purpose
❃ A gentle reminder to schedule your priorities, do NOT prioritize your schedule.
❃ You have overcome so much adversity. You are resilient and strong enough to do the work necessary to give your child the freedom to be their own person without the responsibility of your baggage.
❃ You have worked so hard to prove your value. Knowing now that you are enough exactly the way you are, without needing to do anything, it is time to rest in this knowing.
❃ You have all the resources it takes to turn “impossible” into “I am possible”.

I am curious, what message may 22 / 02 / 2022 hold for you?

We all have a choice.

Choose wisely. 😉