Just breathe …


Stop the rush, the hurry …

Rushing is the internalized embodied version of running away from the tiger …

Just that there no longer is a tiger.

Your body doesn’t differentiate between a real tiger in front of you
or the sense of rush and overwhelm that many experience in the face of a never-ending to-do list, appointments, deadlines, …

At the speed of life today, rushing has become for many a way of “being”, however, it leads to chronic stress responses, nervous system dysregulation, increased vulnerability to stress and a host of other problems.

Our biology and nervous system are designed to move into a state of hyperarousal to escape unsafe situations.

In a state of rush, we are hardwired to escape that tiger …

Evolution helps us to develop a tunnel vision geared to only one goal: get back to safety.

The thing is … the inner state of rush usually doesn’t lead to more efficiency in our world.

Rushing prevents access to options, access to creative or clear thinking and deeper wisdom.

Anyone ever lost their keys in a rush, then move into a frantic search (because you’re already late, right?) … to then find the keys back in your pocket or bag?? … where you would have found them 5-10 min earlier if only you took the time to just breathe deeply.

When you feel you are moving into a state of “rush”

Stop holding your breath … Just breathe …

Rushing is an inner state of being

Just breathe … is a way of telling your body:

❈ I am safe
❈ All is well in my world

I was reminded yesterday that I say “just breathe” a lot, not only to myself or my clients but also to others around me 😉

I do need a regular reminder … perhaps you need to as well. 🙏

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