Be like water 💦


What moves you, moves towards you.

In yesterday’s blog post shared with you my intentions for this year, summarized in three words:




In a few posts, I will elaborate on each intention, their embodiment in my everyday life and their meaning.

Today I like to talk about flow, after a few weeks where I felt I screwed up in this department in some areas of my life and felt aligned in others.

With a dash of humour and a generous serving of self-compassion.

Some of you know that I recently moved to France with my two children.

On an adventure.

With only 3 suitcases.

Without knowing if it’s temporary or not.

My multidimensional children are doing well, very well. I’d even cautiously admit that they are thriving.

Coming back to flow: these past few weeks I have felt quite overwhelmed at times, a friend getting a bad diagnosis, struggling with the new covid measures, kids missing their dad and dogs, my social security application in France falling through, and seemingly never-ending French bureaucracy and piles of paperwork to deal with.

I had forgotten how many procedures and bureaucracy there is here. Inexplicable to anyone who hasn’t lived in France. Just like I forgot about the pain of childbirth. And a got a second one 20 months after the first. 🤷‍♀️

Also, I bought a car this week.

I was feeling relieved. Hunting for a car is not my definition of fun. So, getting it over with and knowing I have a car to get around with after next week when I have to give back our rental provided me with a sense of relief.

But the overwhelming feeling was grief.

Instead of reprimanding myself that “I should be happy” as I was reminded (with the best intentions), I gave permission for my grief to be present.

Buying a car means we’re staying. That this adventure is going to be longer term. Starting all over AGAIN. Missing my dear community and friends in Canada. Missing the comfort of being in a tribe that knows me well. Not feeling entirely rooted here in our new environment. The dull aching feeling of wanting to support a friend but realizing I can’t be there physically as she’s on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

I am the first to admit that I forget often #flow and hence the importance of keeping the intention at the front of my mind to remember and return to a state of flow.

It reminds me to let go of my resistance and be like water.

Wise words by my late sensei Satoshi Miyazaki … the importance of remembering what matters in the big scheme of Life and what doesn’t matter.

Keeping “be like water” at the forefront of my mind also helps me to surrender to what is without the need to reframe.

As life often serves lemons, and I don’t always get to make lemonade.

How does #flow resonate with you?

With love,

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