What Moves You, Moves Towards You.


It took me many years to figure out that I had completely misunderstood the law of attraction.

Manifesting great things isn’t primarily a matter of the mind.

It is a matter of the heart.

Where your attention flows, energy goes (Tony Robbins)

It works by focusing your attention on what you want to create more of – focusing on POSSIBILITY – and embodying that state of being: feeling moved.

This way you are more ready to say YES to the opportunities, people, places, and experiences that bring you more of what you desire — because you programmed our brain to see it, as we deeply connect with the feeling inside of us.

ps: this is not woowoo but based on neuroscience – the placebo effect becomes the quantum reality.

My vision and intentions for me this year are summarized in three words – I am:


Next week I’ll write more about embodiment and what each means to me.

Would love to hear about your words for this year 🙏

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