Step Off the Hamster Wheel of New Year’s Resolutions


Skip New Year’s resolutions.

You are good enough.

I was never into resolutions.

It felt like yet another platform from which to feel guilty and shameful, reminding myself of all the areas where I am not yet good enough.

And, let’s be honest, as a recovering perfectionist, I already mastered the art of beating myself up.

As resolutions tend to be tied to outcomes and life has its own agenda (hello 2020 and 2021), they are in my humble opinion a recipe for failure …

reflecting back to us the gap and where we didn’t achieve, where we had hoped to be, but we aren’t, where we failed … again.

From this mindset, it’s not possible to create.

How about focusing on intentions instead?

With new lockdowns, demands on many of us are so high, especially parents with kids at home.

What if today, 5 January 2022, you start by realizing that you are enough as you are, doing the best you can?

Some days with more grace than others.

What if today, and every day, it’s OK to be human?

Intentions remind me of the human being that I am, and I want to be in the middle of this crazy life.

Intentions don’t tie to an outcome but to a state of be-ing and values.

Intentions are an opportunity for us to be conscious and aware of who we are or desire to be.

In every moment.

A new choice.

An easy way to try on intentions is using I AM statements.

The list is endless, but I invite you to check how these fit 😉

I am:
✨Doing the best I can

Would love to hear what word/words you resonate with, any of the above ones or different 💜

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