Basic Knowledge to Build a Safer and Kinder World


I have always been a dreamer … of big dreams.

A safer world

A kinder world

A more inclusive world

A more compassionate world

A wiser world

With healthier and happier human beings.


Huge breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience in the past decade help tremendously towards co-creating such a world …

Imagine a world where everyone learns from an early age about the nervous system,

how we are wired for connection, the importance of self-regulation for our mental and physical health, 

and how our biology is setting us up to heal … alongside language, arts, and math etc.

A world where dysregulation is not met with shame but with support and healthy co-regulation.

Learning about our biology and the nervous system should be basic knowledge for all parents and care providers. For every human being.  

I listened the other day to a podcast with Deb Dana that is a great start for those who are curious to learn how your nervous system could be the missing link to health issues, relationship problems, feelings of collapse, anxiety etc.


Deb Dana has a great gift of translating Polyvagal theory into everyday language. You can find this podcast on every major platform:

I am curious to learn what are your take-aways if you like to share 🙏

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!