Disrupt Chronic Stress and Move into Coherence


Many believe they can get away with stressing out all day, as long as they are able to go to a yoga class in the evening, work out or chill on the sofa. 

All wonderful things 


It is important to handle stress in your body the moment you feel it coming up instead of waiting for the stressors to disappear.

Delaying inner coherence allows the activated stress response to continue and your health and wellbeing may suffer. 

In fact, recent research is piling up evidence of a much bigger role of chronic stress in the manifestation of many diseases than ever acknowledged before.

Instead of waiting until you come home in the evening after work (or after the kids are in bed ;-)) until you can “relax”, change your inner stress response at any moment in time.

Notice the flow of your breath … 

Are you holding your breath or breathing shallowly?

Inhale a little deeper and slower …

Exhale 🙏